Meaning of the New Moon

by Michael Beard

in Esoteric Astrology

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New MoonThe Tibetan Mas­ter indi­cates that the “inbreath­ing” and “out­breath­ing” of the entity, who is the Earth, potently affects the phys­i­cal plane. He states that there is a con­nec­tion with this and the moon.* This con­nec­tion with the moon is related to the cycles of the moon.

The time of the new moon is a time to breathe in deeply and move into a calm state of mind. In this state, you can watch your emo­tions come and go and not be affected by them. In this calm­ness, you begin to see your life more clearly; you begin to see what is possible.

Now you can tune into your Soul or Higher Self. Stay calm, and let your Higher Self give you a vision of your true purpose.

The new moon is the sym­bol of begin­nings. This is a good time to con­tem­plate upon your true motive. Why are you here on Earth? What did you come here to accom­plish? What is your spir­i­tual intention?

These ques­tions tune you into the core of your being. The core of your being is in touch with the great being of the Earth. This aligns you with the dynamic vibra­tion of pur­pose. One def­i­n­i­tion of pur­pose is a goal that you set before your­self that you desire to attain. When that pur­pose has an ele­ment of good­will, it is har­mo­niz­ing with the great being of the Earth.

The moon rep­re­sents the form. This is a time to think about what form you want to cre­ate. If you are already involved in your pur­pose, you can con­sider whether there is any­thing you need to do to adjust your plan to cre­ate a bet­ter form.

You are not alone. When you tune in to your Soul’s vision, you invite the Guides of our planet, the Hier­ar­chy of Light, into your life. They are as the Heads of a giant orga­ni­za­tion. Your Soul’s vision and pur­pose is a nec­es­sary part of the Organization’s plan for humanity.

When you are attuned to your Soul’s vision, you feel mag­netic. You can breathe in and out and relax. There is ten­sion, but it is spir­i­tual ten­sion. In spir­i­tual ten­sion, you keep your­self syn­chro­nized with your Soul’s vision through an act of will.

You feel mag­ne­tized because you are in har­mony with the Earth. When you are in har­mony with the earth, you give pos­i­tiv­ity to oth­ers. You anchor light and love and spir­i­tual power on Earth.

The new moon is a time to breathe in deeply and move into a calm state of mind. Click to tweet.

* Source: A.A. Bai­ley, A Trea­tise on White Magic, p. 66.

photo credit: Tahoe­Sun­sets via pho­topin cc

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Rock Steady with it!

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Tonight is New Moon in Libra — -

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New moon is about tak­ing actionsssssssssssssssssssss

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