Physical Body After Death | What Happens?

by Nicolette V. Beard

in Other Worlds

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Why do men cheat? Because they fear death.” ~ Moonstruck

Mankind has been con­di­tioned to fear death for many reasons:

  • Iden­ti­fi­ca­tion with the phys­i­cal body
  • Afraid of an angry and venge­ful God
  • Fear of penal­ties exacted for liv­ing a less than per­fect life

I think most peo­ple can agree that these are com­mon fears among us. But have you ever con­sid­ered the fear of lone­li­ness? So many peo­ple are afraid to die because they fear the unfa­mil­iar; they fear the unknown.

Liv­ing Ethics (aka the Age­less Wis­dom) teaches that the Soul lives beyond the death of the phys­i­cal body as does the con­scious­ness of the indi­vid­u­al­ity attached.

When a per­son leaves his phys­i­cal vehi­cle, what awaits on the other side is very famil­iar. He finds those whom he’s known and who were con­nected to him in the phys­i­cal plane life. He is never alone.

He is also con­scious of those still in phys­i­cal bod­ies; he can see them, he can tune in to their emo­tions and thoughts, though not nec­es­sar­ily com­mu­ni­cate. The phys­i­cal brain is no longer an impediment.

True lone­li­ness is the lone­li­ness of birth.* Here the soul finds itself in new sur­round­ings, impris­oned in a body, com­pletely unable to take care of itself or make sense of the peo­ple around him.

The man comes into incar­na­tion with no rec­ol­lec­tion as to the iden­tity or the sig­nif­i­cance to him of his new “fam­ily.” If you’ve ever felt like you were a stranger in a strange land, this is why. Although we choose before incar­nat­ing the group of souls with whom we relate and call fam­ily, this mem­ory is often lost upon enter­ing the phys­i­cal plane. Karma also plays a role.

I remem­ber feel­ing like I’d landed from another planet unable to relate to my large fam­ily for many years. As I con­tin­ued to study and ques­tion the mean­ing and pur­pose of my life, my soul even­tu­ally led me to the teach­ing of Liv­ing Ethics and the group of souls who are my true family.

So if you’ve felt lonely in this world, you’re not alone.

Birth is the true prison; phys­i­cal death is just the first step toward liberation.

Source: Eso­teric Heal­ing, Alice A. Bai­ley, Lucis Trust, pp. 390–393.

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